The mission of Denim Lab Coat is to redefine the patient-provider interaction so that it is more inclusive, relatable, and relaxing.




Our vision is to ensure that patient-provider interaction occurs in an environment conducive to the patient's well-being and to provide the tool~ a denim lab coat, to all practitioners and healthcare workers to facilitate this process.

Penni Malloy-Harper is a results-driven and highly accomplished media communications consultant with broad-based expertise in television, film production, editing, journalism, marketing strategies, producing, directing, and media broadcasting. Penni is also recognized for researching health-related contact for all media platforms and implementing technology to track and research outcomes.

Her talent is evaluating existing operations and seizing opportunities to implement beneficial changes and improve production outcomes. Compassionate and hardworking, she motivates staff to reach new benchmarks in performance and delivers the highest-level set supervision and realistic medical scenes necessary. Penni is a visionary team leader who developed concierge nursing and drives significant enhancements to secure an organization’s place at the forefront of the film, television, and broadcasting industry.

She is also a Registered Nurse, Healthcare Consultant, and Educator who is compassionate about improving patient-provider interactions and healthy outcomes.


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